We scavenge for that perfect array of minerals that are in high demand.Our group focuses on providing consumer demands with upmost clarity and confidence.Being in cahoots with other allies we can tailor your orders with precision.

Marketing and Distribution

  • D-Earth Elements possess an extensive network of mining sites and independent miners across the globe.
  • Holds marketing rights exclusive and non-exclusive, with more than a dozen mining groups internationally.
  • Assists Miners with access to global market
  • Handles Assaying/Third party testing, Packaging solutions, Logistics, Documentation
  • Guaranteed payment solutions

Global Sourcing

Being the modern Huntsman for solitary elements and unrivaled price brackets,our consumers think that "its for a bargain" is why we are the cornerstone in this business.

Our hands reach globally and they pamper delicately when it comes to customer relations.

  • Reliable sourcing partner for reputed industries in India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, USA and Middle East for over 15 years.
  • With direct offices and associate offices globally, our team of professionals assure hassle-free transactions.
  • Our global reach equips clients with continuous raw material supply at competitive terms.